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Competitive Prices
 At RTS Textile Recyclers we understand that charities need to get the highest price possible to raise money for their particular cause; so when you start using our service we will give you the best possible rate.

We agree a rate in advance and then ‘Pay as We Weigh’ on your collection using a docket system to keep account of all textiles collected. We do not pay cash on collection to avoid confusion.

We pay competitive rates per kilo for items collected.To ensure our customers are getting the competitive prices and full use of our service we like to review our rates from time to time and see what we can offer them.  

Environmentally Responsible
 At RTS all our marketing documentation and stationary is printed on locally manufactured, recycled paper or card. We are concerned about the protection of the environment and our environment performance – so much that we have a ‘no bin’ policy in our offices, we are always actively recycling.

Our RTS fleet strives on reducing the Carbon Footprint by running on Bio-Diesel. We are always thinking of innovative ways of recycling, in line with our commitment of diverting all textiles collected from landfill making this a greener planet.

We work closely with a number of charity organisations both regional and local, helping with fundraising and making daily contributions for the textiles collected from charity shops.We advertise alongside the charities, helping to make the public aware that the textiles they donate will be recycled if they are not sold in the shop. All charity employees are encouraged to visit our facilities to give them an understanding of what we do and the processes. 

Professional Service
We arrange collections for a growing number of charity shops in the UK – six days a week. Our shops find we offer a competitive and reliable service that adds considerable value to their own recycling operations.

Our drivers are the face of our business and are hand-picked for this purpose. They are all friendly and helpful – our clients tell us they enjoy dealing with them each week. Majority of our vans are sign written, RTS Textile Recyclers, so they are recognisable to your staff. 

Regular Collections
 At RTS Textile Recyclers we understand that shops do not have the storage facilities to cope with excess stock due to their limited space. We know that our weekly collections are vital and we even have an emergency collection service when required. We can work with you to collect weekly or fortnightly, whichever suits you best.

Our reliable service is delivered by friendly and trustworthy staff and our drivers have established strong relationships with store staff. Our fully experienced, uniformed drivers and easily recognisable vehicles mean that you can rest assured you are dealing with a quality textile recycler.

Quality Textile Recycler
 As the largest textile recyclers in the UK, we are committed to providing the highest quality service possible and carry all the licensing required – giving our customers the confidence that they are working with a trustworthy and respectable recycler.

RTS work to a set of rules and conditions which conform to good working practices and comply with all current legislations within the textile reclamation industry, including always paying competitive rates for your textiles.

Socially Responsible
 With nearly over two decades of experience within the textile recycling industry, we have gained a valuable reputation and are now the largest textile recyclers in the UK.

You can rest assured that you are working with a socially responsible recycler with deep ethical, family and community driven values. We believe in giving back and reaching out to our community and have established the Sankreacha Foundation as our charitable platform to deliver the many charity initiatives that RTS Textile Recyclers are proud to be working with. For more information, please visit our website www.sankreacha.org 


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We have multiple warehouses, servicing nationwide.

Causes We Support


We set up a charitable platform to generate funds for charities.


Welcome to the RTS team website. We hope you find what you need. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us

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 You gave us many opportunities and supported us to take these students to many events  which gave them the much needed confidence to believe in themselves.You believed in their potential when many others doubted their resolve and abilities.
Mohd Rafiq Siddiqui, Chairman
We were delighted to have the support of Sankreacha at the ICAP Charity Day in December 2012. Thanks to these efforts, and money raised for the Classic FM Foundation throughout the year, together we’ve raised £450,067 to bring the power of music to children across the UK. On behalf of the thousands of children who will benefit from the music therapy and education this will provide, THANK YOU.
Dalton Leong, Managing Director, The Classic FM Foundation