By using RTS Textile Recyclers, you are able to help recycle textiles and clothing that otherwise would have been diverted to landfill. It’s estimated that approximately 1.7 million tonnes of clothing waste is produced in the UK every year. Out of this tonnage around 1.2 million tonne is sent unnecessarily to landfill. If we can divert some of this tonnage away from landfill we will directly help the environment and help provide good quality clothing to some of the poorest developing countries in the world.

Used Clothing We collect used, re-wearable, clothing from charity shops at a rate per kilo. 
Shoes We collect pairs of re-wearable shoes at a rate per kilo. 
HandbagsBeltsWe collect handbags and belts at a rate per kilo. 



Bric-a-brac We collect in-tact Bric-a-Brac from shops at a rate per kilo.
Electrics  We collect small electricals – anything that has a plug and is in working order, at a rate per kilo.
Duvets and bedding Soft toys We collect duvets and soft toys from charity shops.


At RTS Textile Recyclers, we believe that the life cycle of the majority recyclable items can be extended through re-use and recycling mechanisms; ultimately leading to reduction of waste and optimal use of our planets natural and technological resources. By doing so not only do we protect our fragile environment; but also provide for the third world countries.